As your company grows your workspace may begin to get real tight. In order to save space and costs look for document management solutions that consolidate your files and information into one digital repository. Not only will you save office space, but you will find easy access of all work related documents.


Z byte will scan it to find it!


No special software to purchase. All the document scanned images are in PDF and indexed so it easily accessible.


* Documents Preparation
* Image Editing
* 100 percent QC


Our large format scanners can scan (film, sepia, mylar) up to 1″ thick.


* Geophysical Well Log Scanning
* Maps (topographic, Geophysical Survey)
* Blue Prints (Architectural Drawings, Landscape design)
 * 2D or 3D Geophysical Sub Surface Plots


For more information on our scanning services please contact us