Does your company have data on  portable disk drives and USB thumb drives or purchasing expensive disk storage for archival? LTO-5 with LTFS software should interest you.







In the past several years a vast amount of data has been stored and shipped on USB hard drives and USB sticks. Even though the use of this technology has made it easier for the end user in accessing the data it has also become problematic. The security issue is self explanatory, thumb drives are easy to lose and all hard drives do crash. It’s not if, but when!

Incorporating the LTFS (Linear Tape File System) software to format the LTO-5 tape so the operating system recognizes it as a flash drive. LTFS is open source, free to download and is portable among Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.  Estimated storage capacity of LTO-5 after reformatting is 1.37 terabytes.

* Economical way to archive

* Stable media

* Guaranteed for 30 years

* Organization and Cataloging of Content


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