Tape Copying

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Restoring your data from legacy tape media can be a valuable asset for your organization. In today’s storage technology, you can archive and migrate 1000s of legacy tapes onto one LTO or disk. You can also save substantial cost in storage or office space.  Let Z byte help you to take control of your seismic assets.

Z byte has the multiple software packages with programming capabilities to read legacy tapes in any format.

All data is viewed for quality control with complete EBCDIC and trace headers checked and populated.

Client receives both native and reformatted data.

Supported tape drives

* 9 -track, (low temperature tape condition ovens to recover from “stiction”, 9-track tape cleaner)

* Colorado Memory Systems 700

* 4mm

* 8mm (8200, 8505 & 8600)

* 3480

* 3490 – 3490E

* 3590

* 3592

* LTO-1 through LTO-6

* DLT III, IV, Super

For more information on our tape copying services, please contact us.