Reconstruct 2D Seismic Sections to SEGY


Z byte has special proprietary software to digitize processed seismic sections into SEGY. We can digitize thousands of traces in a few hours; populate trace headers with all necessary information. We make data loading on your work station an easy task.

Our client’s receive three separate SEGY products for one price.

  • Raw (bandpass filter or AGC applied)
  • FK

Migrating is done upon request and is at extra cost.

* Post stack enhancements.

* Migration on request.

* Populate trace headers with SEG-P1 data.

* Digitize elevation and other profiles directly into trace headers.


Digitizing Seismic to SEGY

On the left is the scanned paper image and on the right is the SEGY after digitizing

Samples on request. If you want more information please contact us.